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Taxi fares to Logan fromOne wayRound tripDistance - Travel time
Abington Taxi$68$13224 miles - 35mn
Acton Taxi$75$14928 miles - 50mn
Acushnet Taxi$148$28157 miles - 1h 5mn
Agawam Taxi$232$44097 miles - 1h 51mn
Amesbury Taxi$99$19539 miles - 46mn
Amherst Taxi$232$44097 miles - 2hrs
Andover Taxi$71$13926 miles - 36mn
Arlington Taxi$45$8511 miles - 25mn
Ashland Taxi$77$15128 miles - 41mn
Athol Taxi$199$38985 miles - 1h 45mn
Attleboro Taxi$109$20942 miles - 51mn
Auburn Taxi$129$24950 miles - 59mn
Barnstable Taxi$185$35973 miles - 1h 19mn
Bedford Taxi$65$12523 miles - 30mn
Belchertown Taxi$208$39587 miles - 1h 47mn
Bellingham Taxi$119$23548 miles - 56mn
Belmont Taxi$45$9013 miles - 25mn
Berkshire Taxi$323$599147 miles - 2h 57mn
Beverly Taxi$63$12323 miles - 35mn
Billerica Taxi$65$12524 miles - 33mn
Boston Taxi$45$85Not serviced
Bourne Taxi$155$29961 miles - 1h 8mn
Braintree Taxi$50$9515 miles - 23mn
Bridgewater Taxi$91$17535 miles - 45mn
Brockton Taxi$75$14527 miles - 38mn
Brookfield Taxi$184$34971 miles - 1h 32mn
Brookline Taxi$45$858 miles - 20mn
Burlington Taxi$52$10018 miles - 23mn
Cambridge Taxi$45$857 miles - 15mn
Cape Ann Taxi$99$19539 miles - 55mn
Carlisle logan Taxi$78$14928 miles - 39mn
Charlestown Taxi$45$805 miles - 12mn
Chelmsford Taxi$89$17533 miles - 41mn
Chicopee Taxi$219$42594 miles - 1h 48mn
Clinton Taxi$127$24949 miles - 1h 6mn
Concord Taxi$62$11924 miles - 38mn
Danvers Taxi$65$12520 miles - 33mn
Dartmouth Taxi$159$30963 miles - 1h 11mn
Dedham Taxi$59$11924 miles - 35mn
Dennis Taxi$189$35980 miles - 1h 24mn
Douglas Taxi$153$29059 miles - 1h 18mn
Dracut Taxi$99$19535 miles - 44mn
Dudley Taxi$166$31564 miles - 1h 21mn
Duxbury Taxi$105$19937 miles - 46mn
East Bridgewater Taxi$85$16530 miles - 47mn
East Longmeadow Taxi$215$41892 miles - 1h 54mn
Eastham Taxi$225$43095 miles - 1h 36mn
Easthampton Taxi$219$409102 miles - 1h 57mn
Easton Taxi$89$17232 miles - 44mn
Essex Taxi$99$18938 miles - 45mn
Everett Taxi$45$806 miles - 15mn
Fairhaven Taxi$164$31163 miles - 1h 10mn
Fall River Taxi$129$24952 miles - 1h
Falmouth Taxi$189$36975 miles - 1h 24mn
Fitchburg Taxi$149$28960 miles - 1h 14mn
Foxborough Taxi$89$16932 miles - 41mn
Framingham Taxi$69$13526 miles - 41mn
Franklin Taxi$119$22946 miles - 57mn
Freetown Taxi$129$24949 miles - 57mn
Gardner Taxi$179$34570 miles - 1.21mn
Gloucester Taxi$95$17934 miles - 46mn
Grafton Taxi$124$23947 miles - 1hr
Great Barrington Taxi$308$550140 miles - 2h 39mn
Greenfield Taxi$233$442106 miles - 2h 8mn
Groton Taxi$126$23944 miles - 55mn
Hadley Taxi$239$454109 miles - 2h 3mn
Hampden Taxi$206$39186 miles - 1h 47mn
Hanover Taxi$79$15528 miles - 37mn
Hanson Taxi$89$16931 miles - 47mn
Harwich Taxi$204$38785 miles - 1h 26mn
Haverhill Taxi$102$19939 miles - 44mn
Hingham Taxi$55$10619 miles - 33mn
Holbrook Taxi$55$10619 miles - 30mn
Holden Taxi$145$27958 miles - 1h 17mn
Holliston Taxi$89$16932 miles - 53mn
Holyoke Taxi$219$41993 miles - 1h 51mn
Hopkinton Taxi$99$19535 miles - 49mn
Hudson Taxi$109$20943 miles - 57mn
Hull Taxi$69$13525 miles - 46mn
Hyannis Taxi$189$35975 miles - 1h 25mn
Ipswich Taxi$79$14928 miles - 45mn
Jamaica Plain Taxi$45$8510 miles - 25mn
Kingston Taxi$105$19939 miles - 45mn
Lakeville Taxi$119$22947 miles - 55mn
Lancaster Taxi$143$27155 miles - 1h 6mn
Lawrence Taxi$85$16931 miles - 37mn
Leicester Taxi$140$26654 miles - 1h 14mn
Lenox Taxi$292$549133 miles - 2h 31mn
Leominster Taxi$143$27155 miles - 1h 6mn
Lexington Taxi$55$10016 miles - 35mn
Lincoln Taxi$59$11421 miles - 33mn
Longmeadow Taxi$232$44097 miles - 1h 49mn
Lowell Taxi$89$17532 miles - 37mn
Ludlow Taxi$199$38585 miles - 1h 39mn
Lunenburg Taxi$139$26955 miles - 1h 9mn
Lynn Taxi$45$8510 miles - 20mn
Lynnfield Taxi$54$10519 miles - 25mn
Malden Taxi$45$8510 miles - 17mn
Manchester by the Sea Taxi$79$15529 miles - 41mn
Mansfield Taxi$99$19535 miles - 45mn
Marblehead Taxi$50$9516 miles - 36mn
Marlborough Taxi$99$19535 miles - 51mn
Marshfield Taxi$89$17933 miles - 40mn
Martha's Vineyard Taxi$225$42595 miles - 2h 25mn
Mashpee Taxi$169$32968 miles - 1h 14mn
Maynard Taxi$83$15930 miles - 49mn
Medfield Taxi$75$14532 miles - 46mn
Medford Taxi$45$809 miles - 20mn
Medway Taxi$92$17938 miles - 59mn
Melrose Taxi$45$8511 miles - 25mn
Methuen Taxi$85$16531 miles - 30mn
Middleborough Taxi$115$21945 miles - 53mn
Milford Taxi$115$21943 miles - 57mn
Millbury Taxi$119$22946 miles - 1h
Milton Taxi$55$10013 miles - 20mn
Monroe Taxi$299$560140 miles - 3h 8mn
Nantucket TaxiNot servicedNot servicedNot serviced
Natick Taxi$60$11522 miles - 39mn
Needham Taxi$55$10017 miles - 33mn
New Ashford Taxi$349$679151 miles - 3hr 5mn
New Bedford Taxi$158$29961 miles - 1h 8mn
Newburyport Taxi$95$18537 miles 52mn
Newton Taxi$50$9513 miles - 23mn
Norfolk Taxi$89$18534 miles - 48mn
North Adams Taxi$315$598143 miles - 3h 12mn
North Andover Taxi$85$16531 miles - 36mn
North Attenborough Taxi$109$21542 miles - 53mn
North Reading Taxi$59$11822 miles - 30mn
Northampton Taxi$229$439107 miles - 2h 2mn
Northborough Taxi$109$21542 miles - 54mn
Northridge TaxiNot servicedNot servicedNot serviced
Norton Taxi$105$19941 miles - 50mn
Norwell Taxi$79$15828 miles - 37mn
Norwood Taxi$55$10026 miles - 36mn
Old Sturbridge Village Taxi$165$31363 miles - 1h 19mn
Oxford Taxi$139$26956 miles - 1h 9mn
Palmer Taxi$185$35177 miles - 1h 29mn
Peabody Taxi$55$10514 miles - 30mn
Pembroke Taxi$92$17532 miles - 43mn
Pepperell Taxi$125$24548 miles - 1h
Pittsfield Taxi$289$550140 miles - 2h 45mn
Plymouth Taxi$109$21542 miles - 47mn
Provincetown Taxi$259$490118 miles - 2h 3mn
Quincy Taxi$50$9513 miles - 25mn
Randolph Taxi$57$11219 miles - 28mn
Raynham Taxi$99$19539 miles - 45mn
Reading Taxi$50$9518 miles - 22mn
Rehoboth Taxi$129$24951 miles - 1h 2mn
Revere Taxi$45$705 miles - 15mn
Rockland Taxi$75$14225 miles - 34mn
Rockport Taxi$99$19538 miles - 54mn
Salem Taxi$50$10014 miles - 30mn
Sandwich Taxi$149$28560 miles - 1h 7mn
Saugus Taxi$45$8510 miles - 20mn
Scituate Taxi$95$18534 miles - 49mn
Seekonk Taxi$145$27958 miles - 1h 5m
Sharon Taxi$79$14928 miles - 39mn
Shrewsbury Taxi$109$21542 miles - 1h
Somerset Taxi$135$25652 miles - 1h 8mn
South Hadley Taxi$235$44696 miles - 1h 56mn
Southbridge Taxi$175$33266 miles - 1h 22mn
Southern Berkshire Taxi$319$595145 miles - 2h 46mn
Spencer Taxi$153$29059 miles - 1h 22mn
Springfield Taxi$225$42794 miles 1h 47mn
Stoneham Taxi$45$8512 miles - 20mn
Stoughton Taxi$73$13924 miles - 34mn
Sudbury Taxi$72$13926 miles - 45mn
Swampscott Taxi$45$8511 miles - 25mn
Swansea Taxi$145$27556 miles - 1h 6mn
Taunton Taxi$109$21542 miles - 48mn
Tewksbury Taxi$69$13526 miles - 34mn
Tyngsboro Taxi$99$19539 miles - 46mn
Uxbridge Taxi$135$25650 miles - 1h 9mn
Wakefield Taxi$55$10418 miles - 24mn
Walpole Taxi$79$15529 miles - 39mn
Waltham Taxi$55$10515 miles - 25mn
Wareham Taxi$149$28557 miles - 1h 6mn
Washington Taxi$279$529132 miles - 2h 34mn
Watertown Taxi$45$8512 miles - 25mn
Wayland Taxi$63$12323 miles - 38mn
Webster Taxi$159$30961 miles - 1h 14mn
Wellesley Taxi$55$10518 miles - 33mn
West Springfield Taxi$229$43594 miles - 1h 50mn
Westborough Taxi$99$18836 miles - 52mn
Westfield Taxi$239$454100 miles - 1h 55mn
Westford Taxi$95$18837 miles - 43mn
Weston Taxi$62$11820 miles - 33mn
Westport Taxi$155$29460 miles - 1h 7mn
Westwood Taxi$65$12527 miles - 38mn
Weymouth Taxi$65$12320 miles - 31mn
Whitman Taxi$75$14227 miles - 41mn
Wilbraham Taxi$195$37084 miles - 1h 41mn
Wilmington Taxi$65$12319 miles - 24mn
Winchendon Taxi$185$35176 miles - 1h 37mn
Winchester Taxi$50$9512 miles - 20mn
Winthrop Taxi$45$605 miles - 15mn
Woburn Taxi$45$8514 miles - 24mn
Woods Hole Taxi$175$34578 miles - 1h 31mn
Worcester Taxi$135$25650 miles - 1h 6mn
Worthington Taxi$275$522125 miles - 2h 26mn
Wrentham Taxi$95$18035 miles - 37mn
Yarmouth Taxi$185$35077 miles - 1h 20mn

All the prices are base prices

Gratuity 20% for the driver. Plus tolls