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Logan International Airport taxi services

taxi logan airport aerial view

Airport of Boston-Logan to the downtown area by taking taxi logan airport

The airport of Boston Logan is located a few kilometers east of downtown area of Boston and is very well served by public taxi logan airport. It has four terminals and all the international flights arrive at the terminal E, terminal sufficiently small so that the tourists can surf there easily. taxi logan airport This guide will detail how to go in the downtown area, in Harvard, with MIT and Cambridge by public transport like taxi logan airport from the airport of Boston-Logan. How to go to the downtown area of Boston from the airport of Boston-Logan Immediately to the exit of the automatic doors is the subway, the rental cars and the buses moving towards the town halls, All the bus stops are indicated perfectly and marked out and the tourists will be charmed to note that the drivers are always glad to switch them in the right direction. Two automatic teller machines are inside the automatic doors and accept the foreign credit cards if you do not have small cuts to travel by the bus. He is advised with the tourists wishing to use the taxi logan airport or other public transport from the airport to have currency on them. Those wishing to go to the downtown area of Boston in public transport have the possibility of taking a free shuttle going to the subway station of the airport (normally announced by “T” or “Subway”). The subway station of the airport is on the blue line, the line moving directly to the downtown area of Boston. This line is also requested by other underground lines, which returns the access to the other districts of very easy Boston. The shuttle to the airport makes a loop and connects the terminal E to the subway station, then with the sites of recovery of the vehicles of hiring. To go up on the board this shuttle, take on the left immediately after the automatic doors of the terminal (those opposite the doors of the arrivals)Pay attention to the numbers of the buses and take the 33.55 or 66: they stop all with the terminal E before moving towards the subway station to the airport. These shuttles are free, frequent and function 24:00/24, 7j/j. Once the subway station of the airport, of the ticket issuing machines expects you. They are very simple to use and can either provide tickets one-way ticket/return ticket for a destination in particular, or of the called reusable cards “Charlie Cards”.

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