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Story of taxi services driver in Paris

taxi services

Even last 60 years, one can still realize its dreamed. That of François Vaillant, it was to become taxi services driver. “An enthralling trade, ensures this Parisian the unusual journey. 3 things should be liked: Paris, to lead, and meet people! ” Then, when this holder of a DEA of philosophy, old religious Dominican, was laid off at 62 years of his station of framework in a training company, it takes again the wheel at G7, nearly 25 years after its first experiment of taxi services, a few weeks in 1991. It is this new 10 months adventure, between March and December 2015, which he tells in a tasty book, “a taxi services in Paris”, to appear on November 14th *. An account truffle of anecdotes, meetings and reflections, in the form of homage to a trade sometimes badly liked.
Daily life of the driver of a taxi services. In spite of difficult conditions (11 hours per day, 7 days a week, for approximately 2000 € per month), François enjoys the small practices of the community: picnic and naps in the car, knacks or maintenance of a kitchen garden common while waiting for its turn on the immense base camp of the taxis to Roissy… The taxis stick together. Until giving the pipes on the places where to have a break, on the hedges of the Ledoyen house or in the toilets of a restaurant of 16th…: “One of the problems of the taxis, of which nobody thinks, is to find where to urinate during their eleven hours of service! ”

Improbable meetings. It is the salt of the profession. Cultivated François in love one with Paris, like to discuss with his customers, often of the tourists, as these Egyptian women for whom it played the guides or these Brazilian francophile singing Sparrow with conceal-head… The philosophical taxi services has also memories moved by its discussion on non-violence with Jean-François Bernardini, singer of the group gets tougher I Muvrini, which will invite it the evening even in Olympia, or of its exchange on Tosltoï with the Academician Jean Ormesson. Sometimes, the meetings are less poetic, as with this Dane who cleans the nose without discretion or this reprocessed which is forgotten deliberately on the back seat…
The conflict of the VTC. “One inserted the wolf in the sheep-fold”, François Vaillant in connection with the VTC regrets. He recognizes however that certain taxis did much evil to the profession by neglecting years the service: “The dirty taxis, the lengthened races or the refusal of load were a reality. It is much less true”, he ensures. He will be first secret meetings, in Roissy, which will decide great strike of June 25th, 2015. He will decide to take part in it after Saturday when he observed the horse-gear of the drivers amateurs of UberPop and Heetch. Finally prohibited applications.
Attacks of November 13th. François was at the wheel when of this tragic night, but not on the site even of the attacks. He tells to have brought back a panicked man, without news of his partner who will give finally signs of life right before her return. Then the night will pass herself sadly, graft the “vacuum abyssal” of the place of Star and the improbable account of the life of Marie Leszczynska, wife of Louis XV, with a Pole couple. If it confirms that taxis transported free victims the evening of the attacks, others were less interdependent. A colleague tells him “not to have hesitated to be made sorrel” by proposing fixed prices – illegal – between Orly and Paris, with 60 even 100 €. An exception, fortunately, in the community interdependent of the taxis.

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